5 lessons that Bollywood taught us to help in lockdown

The last year has been unpredictable to say the least. A new way of life to get used to. More so than before, it is so important to be looking out for yourselves and doing everything in your control to make things a little bit easier and prioritise your happiness. I don’t know about everyone else, but we have made use of the extra time to binge on all of our favourite Bollywood movies - nothing better than a feel-good, wholesome film to laugh/cry with friends and family about! Bollywood films are also amazing to practise GCSE English Literature skills and analyse. Here are our 5 top tips that we ‘learnt’ (extrapolated) from different Bollywood films that we think will help you in the current climate! The cheese that follows was also a lesson learnt from Bollywood.

1. ‘Seize the day my friend’ - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Still available on Mirchiplay

Whilst attending La Tomatina festival and running with bulls may not be the most feasible over lockdown, it is important that we keep on trying to grow and develop, even in these hard times! In fact, lockdown has meant that we have had more free time than usual. Whilst the converse should be true, this means we are finding it difficult to be productive with our alone time. We’re spending way too much time procrastinating on youtube when we could be developing new hobbies and skills. We find having an aim for each day, no matter how small, useful to motivate us and help us to plan my day! Whether it be fitting in a little bit of exercise, learning a new language, learning a new recipe, sitting down with a book, a zoom quiz (we can already hear the groans haha!) - remember to do something everyday that makes you smile and pushes you! It can be easy to get bogged down with work, especially when a lot of us are currently working from home, but make sure you detach and continue to develop your extracurricular interests! As cheesy as it sounds, make some memories! We won’t get this extra time with family back (if you’re living back at home), so make the most of it!

2. Don’t hesitate to ask for help - Dear Zindagi

At the start of this film, we meet a very frustrated Kaira who has bottled up everything she is going through, putting a brave face on during work and in front of her parents. But Jug (SRK we love you!!) helps her understand herself and her emotions, allowing her to continue thriving in life! This is a difficult time for everyone, so please don’t beat yourself up if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, confused… Remember that there is always someone you can talk to, be it your family, a friend, or even us! Sometimes talking about things can make you realise that you are not alone! Keep plodding along we got this!!

3. Express yourself - Kal ho na ho / most 1990’s SRK films


This 3 hour saga contains pretty much every human emotion: love, sadness, happiness, anger and disgust, to name a few. These emotions are also never subtly portrayed. Now, more than ever, it is important to stay in tune with your emotions and reach out for support if you need it. Over whatsapp and phone calls, it is difficult to really know how the other person is doing. Make an effort to check in regularly on, be it by sending a voice note/ calling or organising - yet another - zoom quiz.

4. Everyone is different - Jab We Met

Jab We Met Still available on pinkvilla

Geet and Aditya are polar opposites and would 1000% react differently to the impacts of lockdown. Likewise, everyone is different and will have different reactions during challenging times like these. Account for this by not beating yourself up if you think you are struggling more than your friends (this is probably not true, you just probably express yourself differently) as well as trying to be more understanding of others. Hopefully we can have a ‘mauja’ time soon!

5. Dancing can be tailored to suit any mood and fit into any storyline - ALL bollywood films

Chennai Express Still available from:

With gyms closed and cessation of team sports and training, it can be difficult to get the motivation to exercise. However, it is important to try and get in some daily physical activity - both for your physical and mental wellbeing! Whether that be dancing, running, jogging or walking! We find that the runs we enjoy the most are the ones that have required the most motivation to leave the house for!

With being in lockdown 3.0, we hope there is something you can take away from these! Keep talking to your friends and family, make sure you get some fresh air, and focus on the small steps to make life that little bit easier!! That said, if you are struggling and want support, please do seek help. There are many services available- from your university welfare to personal tutors and mental health apps too. Remember you’re not alone and we’re always here for a chat!

Sneha and Aditi

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