​​President’s Message (2021-2022)

Over the past year, we have nurtured BIMA from its grassroots into the ever-transforming national organisation it is today. Our successes and feats were only accomplished by you, as our supporters, our members, and as our family.


BIMA began as a curious idea, an idea to form a national community of like-minded British Indian Medics, all connected to a hub of unlimited and accessible opportunities, whilst being in a safe space to proudly express our culture and heritage. BIMA isn’t just an organisation built on delivering our many tutorials, we’re much more; we’re here to support every step of your medical journey throughout, both socially and professionally.


We made it our promise to bring any and every idea brought to us into fruition, as part of this international family, you have our support. To our surprise, BIMA has grown to become an icon that binds every member together and has allowed us to represent our shared identity on a national stage.


A notable mention goes to our team, who since August 2020 has diligently put BIMA first, and without them, BIMA wouldn’t be the same. From our novel national mentorship programme to the colourful classical dance workshops, to the remote online socials and to the astonishing academic teaching, our team have delivered above and beyond our expectations. People that make up any organisation change, but the principles that underlie BIMA do not.


We move from strength to strength, and it brings us great pleasure to introduce our new additions to the BIMA family. As we embark on our new chapter, we look forward to transitioning out of a shackled pandemic to more lively freedom.

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Viren is one of our co-founders and a third year medic at Imperial College London. He is massively excited to see where BIMA can go and wholeheartedly believes a good committee is crucial to its success. He aims to ensure BIMA focuses on giving back to the community as well as providing opportunities for both students and doctors in their training. 


Imperial College London

3rd Year

Amar is a sixth year medic at Imperial College London. He is truly passionate about providing both educational and social opportunities for students and doctors in their training. He is most looking forward to providing a new sustainable association to support British Indians throughout their medical training, so that they can reach their goals with ease and continue their learning for medicine. 

Imperial College London

6th Year

Harroop is one of our co-founders and a third-year medic at Imperial College London. His vision for BIMA is to unite and connect students across the UK with a support network both academically and socially. He looks forward to working alongside exceptionally talented team and actively engaging with a national body of like-minded medical students. 


Imperial College London

3rd Year


With the entire committee being solely medical students, we at BIMA understand the current issues and needs of medical students. Whether you're looking at Year 1 exams or finals, we have the perfect team for you.