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Founder's message 

Over the past year, we have nurtured BIMA from its grassroots into the ever-transforming national organisation it is today. Our successes and feats were only made possible by you and the rest of The BIMA Family.


BIMA began as a shower thought - a curious idea to form a national community of like-minded British Indian Medics, all connected to a hub of unlimited opportunities whilst being in a safe space to express our culture and heritage proudly. BIMA isn’t just an organisation built on delivering our many tutorials; we’re much more; we’re here to support every step of your medical journey throughout, both personally and professionally.


We made it our promise to bring all of your requests to fruition - as part of this national family, you have our unwavering support. It is this mindset that has enabled BIMA to become an icon that binds every member together. allowing us to represent our shared identity on a national stage.


A notable mention goes to all previous and current committee members, who since August 2020, have diligently put BIMA first, and without them, BIMA wouldn’t be where it is today. From our novel national mentorship programme to the colourful classical dance workshops to the remote online socials and to the astonishing academic teaching, our team has gone above and beyond to deliver. 


As we move from strength to strength, it brings us great pleasure to introduce our new additions to the BIMA family. Join us as we embark on our new chapter, looking to break free from the shackles of the Pandemic to a more lively freedom.

Meet the Board

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