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We are the British Indian Medical Association (BIMA), a newly founded not-for-profit organisation with the aim of developing a student-doctor network & mentorship scheme, across the whole of the UK. BIMA offers both academic & research opportunities and events for medical students, while fostering a strong sense of community amongst our members. Since our inception in August, we have already managed to amass over 400 members, and counting.  We are building a national network, with our representatives and liaison team having national connections across all UK Medical schools and an extensive national reach of Indian-origin doctors.


With the changing COVID-19 restrictions; interactions are currently limited to online events, spanning social events, virtual cultural celebrations, academic and career tutorials, and Q&As. However, opportunities will soon extend to in person conferences, lectures, and seminars. Despite these tough restrictions, we have successfully held a number of high turnout events and socials via a variety of online platforms. We wish to continue and facilitate more networking between students and medical professionals by holding socials and cultural events in the near future.

To achieve our vision, we rely on support from generous sponsors to fund our events and help our society grow. This is where we require your help and would like to create a partnership that will allow your business/brand to tap into the British Indian demographic of medical students and practising physicians all across the UK, in exchange for a fee per year. Your funds will help us grow and nurture a meaningful community of student and professional members through various events, seminar series and specialty training skills activities

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