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Are you a Doctor contemplating an F3 year, exploring opportunities to practice abroad, preparing for your MRCS exams, or considering a career in Consulting? Do you have a passion for mentoring the next generation of British Indian Medical Students or want to directly get involved with teaching on a national level? Join the BIMA Doctor's Wing today!


Founded in August 2020 amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the British Indian Medical Association (BIMA) embarked on a mission to provide a selfless and inclusive service to the British Indian Medical Community. Over the course of four years, we have successfully orchestrated more than 240 national events, including 3 national conferences (Endorsed by RCSed) and an in-person networking reception (Endorsed by the GMC), collectively reaching and benefiting over 7000 individuals. Our organisation has flourished, boasting a robust membership base of 3000 members.

At BIMA, our commitment extends beyond mere participation; we strive to offer a diverse array of opportunities to our members. These opportunities encompass leadership roles, teaching engagements, mentorship programs, as well as support in career development, networking, academia, and welfare.


Looking ahead, we are thrilled to unveil a series of compelling events and opportunities tailored to enrich the experiences of our junior doctors. These offerings include mentorship programs, MRCS/MRCP teaching schemes, and specialised talks on finance and careers outside of Medicine. Furthermore, we actively seek individuals to join our dedicated doctor's wing, offering a unique opportunity to enhance one's leadership portfolio.


For doctors who share a passion for advancing South Asian representation in healthcare, serving as role models, and inspiring the younger generation of medical professionals, we invite you to register as a member of the BIMA Doctor's Wing. Your involvement is crucial to fostering an inclusive and impactful community. Connect with us on LinkedIn to stay updated on our latest initiatives and engage with a network of like-minded professionals. Register today to be part of a community committed to making a meaningful difference in the field of medicine.

Our Events

The BIMA Junior Doctor Wing hosts a series of events tailored specifically for junior doctors throughout the year. These events are designed to provide comprehensive career support, cutting-edge educational opportunities, and invaluable networking experiences. From hands-on workshops and expert-led seminars to career development sessions and social gatherings, our goal is to empower junior doctors with the skills, knowledge, and connections they need to excel in their medical careers. Join us to advance your professional journey and become part of a dynamic community dedicated to medical excellence.


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