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Change and Growth

The British Indian Medical Association (BIMA) is a non-profit organisation founded on the principle of developing a British Indian medical student-doctor support network across the UK.

Our vision is to ensure everyone has the opportunity to networking, representation and support through the various unique challenges we face in training. 

Founded by medical students for medical students, BIMA hosts conferences, tutorials, socials and other events. From conception to execution, BIMA aims to continue growth and to unite every British Indian medic.

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Our Story

In 2020, BIMA was founded with the key purpose to increase the representation and network of British Indians in medicine. Our platform rapidly grew, as we incorporated a mentorship scheme, clinical crash course, and grew our network of medics and doctors we represent. 

Today, our organisation reaches thousands of British Indians and is the fastest growing organisation of its kind. We have identified key areas for academic and representational challenges faced by the community where we can improve support and campaign medical institutions to do the same. 

BIMA provides practical support through a number of events, engagements, outreach, networking opportunities and mentorship in order to fulfil our mission and address what we perceive to be a pressing issues in the field.

From a single thought to the current day, BIMA has flourished quickly into a Central hub for British Indian Medics across the UK. 





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The British Indian Medical Association (BIMA) is a non-profit organisation with no membership fees.Our ethos of equality in the delivery of education and enhancing a medical career means we run solely on the support of students and Doctors across the UK

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